everyday adventure

"moments like these are the reason I am constantly drawn to stepping outside, whether it's in my very own neighborhood or city, a local trail or further away..."

©TWM Photography

Telluride, CO
Huntington Beach Pier, CA
Dusk and the moon
Longmont Storm
Plant still life
Camping up high
Hustle and Bustle
Front range clouds
Bald Eagle, Lagerman Res
Friday night race home
Commute home
4:30 train burst
Leaf study
Telluride Glory
Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Falls, Telluride CO
Festival Life
Heil Ranch, CO
Flagstaff, CO
Lagerman Winter Sunset
Hogsback Trail, CO
Catherine Pass Area, UT
Coot Lake, CO
Island Lake, CO
Coot Lake Sunset, CO
Telluride Blue Grass Festival, CO
Flatirons, CO
Red Feather Lakes, CO
Boulder, CO
Red Rocks, CO