ultimate direction rebrand

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Position: Creative Lead 


In late 2013, Ultimate Direction signed on 3 key Athletes - Anton Krupicka, Scott Jurek and Peter Bakwin in hopes to help revitalize the brand. They co-developed with the internal team 3 all new running vests, ably named the Signature Series Collection. With these 3 unique vests and atheltes that co-designed them, UD was on its way to becoming a major player once again in the Ultra Running Community and beyond. With the product release being off-season cycle (fall instead of spring), the initial rebranding was created within this manual to help further jumpstart the momentum. With 3 initial product waves of the Signature Series selling out online within weeks, sometimes within hours, the brand needed the visual story to catch and sync up to this frenzy in the marketplace. 


UD today is a thriving brand, with growth at 500k sales in 2013 to now well above the *X million dollar mark.


*Current financials cannot be disclosed per company mandate